Why I Created The Six Week Wellness Program


I'm extremely excited to share my 6 Week Wellness Program with you! Some may be wondering what exactly this program is and why I decided to offer it. I have spent many years on my wellness journey. I've gone from a gym rat to being overweight and back again several times over. typically gaining weight during pregnancy, I've had to retrain my brain to eat and live healthily again postpartum. This last pregnancy, my fourth, was a hard one to recover from and it took a toll on me mentally. As a trained and certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, etc., I've always thought of my health and my weight as a continuum of my inner self. Basically, what is inside will be reflected on the outside. 

I began wellness journey again many months ago but just recently started to mend my relationship with food. What does this have to do with the wellness program? Well, I decided that this time, instead of waiting until I achieve my wellness goals to help others, I would go on the journey with my community. In my many years of training and instructing I've found extreme joy in helping others attain their health goals. Whether that's weight loss, health management (such as lowering BP), strength gain or to simply becoming and staying active, I take pride in helping to reach those goals. 

What is the 6 Weeks Wellness Program? 

The 6 Weeks Wellness Program is a virtual program designed to kickstart our wellness journey. The membership offers fitness classes based on tiers where each group will receive at least one fitness class per week. We will also be introducing weekly Zoom classes for each tier. The Facebook group offers a women's wellness support group. There we will; post recipes, hold mediations, discuss our workouts and hold space for one another. Wellness is, in my opinion, is a continuous ebb and flow that will look different for each of us and will change over time. This program is new so it too will grow and change over time in order to better suit the needs of our community.

Why Is the Program Virtual?

You may also wonder why the program is virtual instead of in person. Well, I am a full-time homeschooler. Instructing virtually helps me to have a flexible schedule, which in turn also helps my community to take a class on their free time. This also helps me to connect with my community worldwide which will create a diverse group of women, In Sha ALLAH. 

Why should you join the 6 Weeks Wellness Program?

It will be beneficial to you to join our wellness program to have a community of sisters to support you along your journey. Not only will you have direct access to classes that can be replayed at your leisure, but you will also have direct access to an experienced and certified trainer to help assist you in your journey. If you have a question, just reach out and ask. 

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