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About Our Products

K.Y.M.M.Y Wellness and candles LLC offers all natural soaps, body butters, lip balms and candles. Our staple and first ever product is our soywax candles. They are made with essential oils, herbs, sea minerals and of course soy wax. We craft our candles to induce feeling of comfort and relaxation. Our luxury body butters were crafted out of the need to heal my sons eczema. After several test runs we came up with our with our whipped or double whipped (creamy) body butters. They are made with Ghanaian Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Essential Oils. More recently we have developed our Honey Cocoa Lip Balms and natural Soaps. We offer gentle liquid Castile soap made with...

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Why I Created The Six Week Wellness Program

Peace, I'm extremely excited to share my 6 Week Wellness Program with you! Some may be wondering what exactly this program is and why I decided to offer it. I have spent many years on my wellness journey. I've gone from a gym rat to being overweight and back again several times over. typically gaining weight during pregnancy, I've had to retrain my brain to eat and live healthily again postpartum. This last pregnancy, my fourth, was a hard one to recover from and it took a toll on me mentally. As a trained and certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, etc., I've always thought of my health and my weight as a continuum of my inner self. Basically, what is inside will...

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Get to Know Us

    Peace! We are the owners of Kymmy Wellness and Candles LLC. Kymmy {pronounced Kye-me} is an acronym of my children’s names. It is also a hub for our business and creative outlets, like this blog! Each of us play a role in running Kymmy. For example, Kiya makes jewelry, Nija helps take product photo’s and Sadiq communicates with customers (At pop ups of course).     So what inspired the formation of Kymmy? A few years back my grandmother had a stroke. I used to give her hand massages and help her stretch. One day, while helping her, I decided I wanted to learn how to help her and others professionally. I later enrolled in school with the...

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