Get to Know Us

    Peace! We are the owners of Kymmy Wellness and Candles LLC. Kymmy {pronounced Kye-me} is an acronym of my children’s names. It is also a hub for our business and creative outlets, like this blog! Each of us play a role in running Kymmy. For example, Kiya makes jewelry, Nija helps take product photo’s and Sadiq communicates with customers (At pop ups of course).

    So what inspired the formation of Kymmy? A few years back my grandmother had a stroke. I used to give her hand massages and help her stretch. One day, while helping her, I decided I wanted to learn how to help her and others professionally. I later enrolled in school with the intention of becoming an occupational therapist. While in school I realized that prevention is better than cure and so ensued my fitness and wellness journey.

    My career as a Personal Trainer began in the Spring of 2017. I began by offering affordable fitness classes at my local mosque. Over time my efforts grew to include youth fitness classes, senior fitness classes and personal training sessions that were made available to many schools and facilities throughout the D.M.V. 

    As my interest in health and fitness grew so did my curiosity in sustainable living, gardening, and holistic wellness. As someone who suffers from anxiety and fought a long standing battle with migraines, I was excited to learn that essential oils provide relief from some symptoms. I began to study essential oils and aromatherapy and decided to incorporate plant medicine into my candles. 

    Honestly, this candle making and crafting journey began in 2015 as a side hustle with my sister in law. We were known as the "Candle Ladies'' at Anacostia Park. We "pulled up and hoped out" nearly every weekend, selling $7 and $10 candles. From that point I was obsessed with crafting and candle making.

    Over the years we have grown, improved, and expanded. My children play a huge role in the success of our company. They are the driving force behind every improvement and development. Which is why we have chosen to place maximum efforts into sustainability. It is our goal to improve our environment and offer our children the best opportunity to have a healthy and fulfilling life. 

    Thank you for being here with us and watching our business grow and expand. We hope you enjoy your experience in our shops and please know we are accepting of any and all feedback, so be sure to email us with any questions or concerns. As always we are sending positive energy, relaxation, and calm vibes.