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About Us

Kymmy's Wellness

Kymmy Wellness is a family owned business. We offer all natural, handmade products and wellness services. Every member of our family helps in the cultivating and production of our products and services.

Why Kymmy? Kymmy {Kye-me} is an acronym for the names of myself ,the owner, and my four children. It allows our family to utilize our business to showcase our creativity individually and as a unit. Keep an eye out for Kymmy kids!!

Take a look around our site. We not only offer soaps, body butters, and wax melts but also free wellness planners and much more!

6 Weeks Wellness Program

Wellness program

Prioritizing health and balance


Join us every Saturday for a 1.5 mile walk and 30 minute stretch class.



Kymmy {pronounced Kye-Me} Wellness embodies the principals and core beliefs of my family and I. It is a source of health, wellness, groundedness and freedom . We offer our years of experience and expertise via products and services, both virtually and in person, in hopes of spreading more peace and serenity in the world.